As we get closer and closer to the January 11 date, we get a glimpse into what we may see in CES 2021. In case you didn’t know CES is an annual event showcasing new technology and products at the beginning of the year, and LG’s 55-inch see-through OLED TV is just one of the many transparent OLED demos at the upcoming CES 2021.

LG is currently the only transparent OLED manufacturer in the world, but transparent OLED TVs are suddenly coming to a rise, with Panasonic and Xiaomi releasing their transparent OLED TVs just recently using LG’s transparent OLED, which provides 40% transparency. Now LG has started showing off its stunning transparent TVs before the upcoming CES 2021.

LG does not only have a focus on the use of these TVs at home, but has been showcasing it for commercial use. For example, using it as an informative train window:

Turning the LG transparent OLED TV into an informative train window.

LG has also showcased its transparent OLED TV in a restaurant, where diners get to browse the menu or enjoy videos on the big screen, while also watching chefs preparing food behind the transparent OLED display. Take a look at this picture:

Turning the LG Transparent OLED TV into an interactive restaurant menu.

Transparent OLEDs aren’t a new thing, they’ve been around for quite some time but it wasn’t until now that transparent OLED TVs have come to the fore, with more companies like Xiaomi and Panasonic starting to roll out their transparent OLED TVs, both costing around US$2700. This just makes CES 2021 even more exciting.

Marco Gava